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3 Questions to Help You Get the Best Conservatory Furniture

Building a new conservatory can be tough – you’ve got to get the right flooring, frames and style. But that’s not the end of the job. You need to put time and effort into finding the best conservatory furniture so you end up with a beautiful new room.

Need help getting started? Make sure you ask these 3 questions when you’re trying to find the best conservatory furniture.

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How to Turn Your Conservatory into a Comfortable Space All Year

Building a conservatory can be a fantastic way to create more living space in your home. But many people frequently come up against problems that stop them using their conservatory all year.

We think that you should be able to enjoy your conservatory all year. So we’ve come up with solutions to 3 of the most common problems that might stop your conservatory being comfortable throughout the year.

Problem 1: My conservatory’s too warm in the summer

One main issue that prevents homeowners from using their conservatories all year round is that they get too warm in the summer. Even with windows and doors open, conservatories can get too warm and stuffy to be comfortable when temperatures get to a certain level.

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Grubby Conservatory? Try our 5 Tips

A conservatory is a fantastic addition to any home, giving you extra space to relax in. However if you do not look after your conservatory and let it get grubby, it will soon end up being a place that you wish to avoid instead of take pleasure in.

So how can you keep your conservatory looking sparkly and clean? Thankfully there are a number of easy approaches to ensure your conservatory remains in good condition. Continue reading to hear our top 5 conservatory cleaning ideas.

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Can I Build a Conservatory in a Conservation Area?

conservatory or extensionInstalling a conservatory can be an excellent way to increase space and add value your house. Nevertheless, prior to you starting, you have to make sure that you’re following any proper legislation.

If you’re preparing to develop a conservatory in a conservation area, there are a variety of regulations you have to know.

Keep reading to find out more about conservation areas and methods to establish your conservatory in one.

What’s a conservation area?

A conservation area is a location of architectural or historic interest that is protected by law. There are good deals of various kinds of conservation area. These include:

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How a Wooden Conservatory Could Enhance Your Home

wooden conservatoryIf you’re considering buying a conservatory then your main priority will probably be the additional room it’ll make. However, not only will a conservatory give you more space to use throughout the year, it’ll also give extra appeal to your home, both inside and out.

With multiple conservatory designs around, it’s clear that different styles suit different properties. So it’s necessary to think about all your options carefully so you select an appropriate one.

uPVC conservatories are continuously popular, partly because of their cost. They’re by far the least expensive material supplied and do not need as much upkeep as other options.

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8 Factors to Consider about Aluminium Conservatories

Aluminium is a metal that is increasingly being used for conservatory structures. It used to be unpopular, as older designs had poor energy efficiency rates. However now most aluminium conservatories have good insulating qualities, and their reputation is on the up.

But is an aluminium conservatory right for you? We’ve come up with a list of advantages and disadvantages to help you decide.
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The Benefits of Fitting a Conservatory Roof

As conservatories have been popular for a long time you can now find them all over the place. They’re a great area for relaxing with your loved ones, whether it is in front of the television or at the dining table.

However, one problem that people often have is that their conservatory gets too cool during winter and too warm during summer.

It’s probable that you have this issue if you have a conservatory. So how can you solve the problem? You may be able to by installing a solid roof on it.

Why get a solid conservatory roof?

Fitting a solid roof on your conservatory helps to increase the rooms thermal efficiency. Although they look attractive, the nature of conservatory glass panels means that they lose heat in a short time. And in warm temperatures, they get too hot when the sun shines.

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5 Great Blind Types For Your Conservatory

Looking for conservatory blinds can be a baffling experience. There are so many different types, colours, materials and suppliers that it’s difficult to know which ones to go for.

It’s best to start by choosing what type of blind you want. Different types are best for different conservatory designs and materials. Having the right blinds for your conservatory can change it from an average-looking to a great-looking area, so it is worth spending time getting it right.

If you’re searching for conservatory blinds but are finding it hard to work out what you want, we can help. Keep reading to learn more about 5 different blind types you could use in your conservatory.

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4 Great Budget Conservatory Renovation Tips

If you’ve had your conservatory for a couple of years, it is possible that you are feeling a bit bored with it and you’d enjoy giving it an update.

There are a lot of things you can do – like paint the exterior, re-roof it or adjust the window and door handles. But all of these need funds.

Luckily, there are some jobs you can do to update your conservatory and they are price tag-friendly. Study on to uncover our four ideal conservatory renovation suggestions.

1. Give your conservatory a spring clean

Never underestimate the energy of an extremely good old clean. Do a deep clean of the inside and out.

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How to Avoid Conservatory Condensation

A conservatory can be a great addition to any property. It will add to the amount of space and natural light in your home and can also increase its value.

However, conservatories are less of a benefit during the winter months. They’re usually chilly and have a tendency to suffer from condensation.

Conservatory condensation can be a big problem if left to build up. Read on to find out more about condensation and how to avoid it building up in your conservatory.

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