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A uPVC conservatory is very durable, lasting for many years in extreme weather conditions. They need little maintenance and will not fade in the sun.uPVC Conservatory - www.conservatories.com

Instead uPVC forms a conservatory that’ll suit your needs all year round. It’s especially good at keeping the cold out during the winter and reducing heat loss.

What is uPVC?

uPVC is unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride. This simply means that no chemicals have been added to the original PVC to soften the material. It’s a plastic with many advantages that make it good for conservatories. You could also see it written as PVCu or PVC-U, but they’re all the same thing.

Why choose an uPVC conservatory?

At least 50% of the basic PVC material is used around the world for construction. This must say something about its quality, and how much experts rate the product.

The uPVC variant has been increasing in popularity especially in the windows, doors and conservatory markets. What makes it so popular is its look, its hard wearing properties and the fact that little DIY knowledge is needed for maintenance.

During the manufacture stage, just before uPVC is made into frames, stabilisers and additives are added to the structure. This improves the product with enhanced longevity and resistance to changing weather conditions. The stabilisers also protect uPVC against the sun’s UV rays and give it the clean, white finish you see today.

In terms of the strength, it can be structured to meet your individual needs. Ensure that the frames are being built with at least a 55mm thickness, as the thicker the frame, the stronger the conservatory will be.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask the installer one or two questions. Something that must be a priority is ensuring the frames are being made for the design, not just windows frames bolted together.

The multi-frame construction is the most popular style for conservatories and to make it stronger, aluminium or galvanised steel is added. This helps give the conservatory extra strength, and improves its load bearing properties.

If you’ve chosen to have a glass roof, instead of polycarbonate, then the frames will be thicker – nearer the 80mm mark. This thickness will affect prices, so if you see two conservatories that vary in cost but look the same, it’s probably because of the frame thickness.

When you’re looking at conservatories, it could also pay to check if they carry the British Standard marks. BSEN 12608 shows that the conservatory material is of a very high standard. It’ll be impact resistant, with the corners having great strength. BS 7412 must meet a certain requirement during the construction stage. This British Standard covers security, safety and weather resistance.
uPVC conservatory glazing.

The glass is just as important as the frames in a conservatory and should never be overlooked. Toughened glass is particularly good for conservatory construction and it ensures safety against impacts. If someone falls against toughened glass, it won’t break and splinter like normal glass. Instead of large, sharp shards of glass, it’ll break into tiny balls that won’t cause injury.
Laminated glass is also an alternative for uPVC conservatories, although this is more expensive than toughened.

Laminated glass has a plastic coating between two panes of glass, ensuring that it doesn’t shatter upon impact.

When considering the glass of your new conservatory, you should also take security in mind. Internal beading is much safer in this respect as any intruder can’t simply remove the panes.

However, some externally beaded frames do come with extra safety measures to make sure they’re secure. Wedge gaskets and double sided tape are two of the security measures you should ask about when having a conservatory installed.

uPVC conservatory colours

A brilliant white finish is definitely the most popular colour choice for conservatory owners, but this may not necessarily be to your taste. For instance, you may prefer the idea of having a foil coated conservatory. This gives the appearance of newly painted wood.

You’ll also find frames for windows and doors that resemble the deep rich tones of mahogany, or the lighter oak.

And for those looking for something completely different, you’ll find a whole host of colours. Just ask your installer and they’ll provide you with a spectrum of colours.

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Conservatories are a big investment, and something that should not be taken lightly. But they drastically improve your home’s value and give you something extra all year round.

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