Bifolding Doors

These are also known as folding doors and do exactly what their name says – they can fold inwards and outwards to open up space.

Bi-folding interior doors are useful when there’s not much room, such as in laundry room, closets and cupboards. However, bifolding doors have just as much of an effect on the exterior of your property too and are great for bringing the outside into your home.

In fact bifolding doors are excellent for conservatories with their amazing flexibility in design. They’re also really easy to operate, making them a fantastic addition to any home.

Of course, if they’re to be used for a property’s exterior you should ensure they are covered by British Regulations. This makes sure the doors have good weather resistance, insulation and security.

The design of bi-folding doors means they come in pairs. So a door will fold to either side, or four doors will split in the middle and two will fold to each side, and so on.

But if this is a problem they can be specially manufactured to have an odd number of doors. These are sometimes referred to as MultiFold doors and where an odd number of doors are used, a swing door is possible.

What’s particularly good with bifolding doors is that they offer the flexibility to be fully opened, partially opened or fully closed. It all depends on how much light and space you require at different times.

This means bifolding doors have an advantage over sliding doors, as it gives you more room in your home.

If you purchase bifolding doors, all the track and fittings will be included. They’ll be able to open inwards and outwards with the possibility to have left and right hand openings.

There’s a range of colours and finishes on offer and they can also be manufactured in aluminium or wood.

And the style has a great variety too, so you can choose a design to suit your home – whether it’s modern, retro, colonial or classic.

The doors can also be glazed with standard glass, toughened glass or laminated glass, providing great strength and security to your property.