As conservatories are made of glass, they’re often seen as an easy target for opportunist thieves.Conservatory Security -

But this needn’t be the case, as there are fantastic conservatory security measures available to protect your property and make it as secure as the rest of your home.

And as 20% of burglaries are carried out by opportunists, it’s essential that you have up-to-date security on your conservatory which will leave your mind a peace.

To make your conservatory as secure as possible, there are a few things you can do.

  • Ensure that any doors attached to your conservatory are fitted with a multipoint locking system
  • A shoot locking system should be fitted to the windows, so two bolts push into the window’s frame
  • Make sure that the windows are internally beaded as this prevents intruders from popping out the beads. External beading is possible, but check that the correct gaskets and double sided tape are in place if you go down this route
  • Check with the installer that your conservatory is covered by BS7950/7412. This British Standard is awarded to windows that meet security requirements, including mechanical loading and human intervention.
  • Any windows and doors fitted to the conservatory should also be fitted with force resistant hinges
  • And lastly think about the type of glass itself. Toughened glass and laminated glass are particularly hard to break through, and if you have a glass roof these could prove very useful.

And it’s not just inside your conservatory that you can fit security measures to protect your property. In fact you can deter intruders from the outside, with security lighting, locks on gates and even prickly bushes.

All of the above add up to a secure conservatory and a secure home.