French Doors

French doors are very popular as they are both beautiful and functional. There are a number of benefits for choosing French doors to go in your conservatory.

French doors are made of glass and in the summer they can be left open all day when you’re using the garden a lot more. They’re great where you can step straight out onto a tiled or patio area.

They’re an excellent addition to conservatories as they’re stylish and allow plenty of warmth and light into your property. With French doors you can enjoy the outside even when it’s cold and they give you a chance to enjoy your garden all year round.

It’s in the summer that you’ll really reap the rewards of having French doors. By leaving them open throughout the day you can merge the outside with the inside.

Having a solid door in place of French doors just doesn’t give you the same possibilities.

Something that people tend to worry about with French doors is that they wouldn’t provide the same security as other doors, but that isn’t a problem as uPVC French doors give you all the security you’ll need.

French doors have steel reinforced thick frames which provide a solid structure, and the latest locking mechanisms can be fitted to all designs. Together, this means breaking into an uPVC French door is very difficult.

uPVC French doors are also impact resistant with built-in webbing. This keeps them looking good for years even with everyday use.

uPVC is a proven construction material that’s extremely durable and used to make windows and doors. So combine them both with a French door.