Energy Efficiency

Unfortunately all windows lose heat, but you can reduce the amount lost by installing energy efficient panes in your new conservatory. These will keep it warmer and quieter at all times of the year.

Installing double glazing or triple glazing in your conservatory will reduce your carbon footprint and make it an energy efficient conservatory. In fact, you could cut the amount of heat lost by up to 50%.Energy Efficient Conservatory -

As double glazing retains heat, it’s much more energy efficient than single paned windows.

As the heat stays in your conservatory, you’ll use less gas and electricity to keep it warm. This all means there’s a reduction in carbon dioxide levels, which is great for the environment.

And it’s also good for your wallet, as you’ll be using less fuel and your energy bill will be consistently lower.

The double glazed unit has a gas inserted between the two panes of glass. This tends to be Argon, Xenon or Krypton. Combining this with a low-e pane will give you a great energy efficient conservatory.

Having double glazing in your conservatory can prove a big selling point for any prospective buyers in the future.

The environmental benefits and energy reductions prove popular as people can save money on their bills, at a time when companies are raising their gas and electricity prices.