A hardwood conservatory for you home

January 15th, 2012

When you come to the decision to build a conservatory, you’ll have three options for the material. These are uPVC, aluminium or hardwood. All three have their advantages and disadvantages and a lot comes down to which material will look best for your property.

The hardwood conservatory has always been the traditional choice as it looks fantastic and brings a warm, relaxing feel to all homes. The typical wood for these types of conservatories is English oak, but mahogany and teak are also popular.

Some of the other, less known hardwoods for a conservatory are sapeles, iroko and idigbo. All these woods are sustainable, with the majority imported from Africa. However, you’ll find some woods have been overharvested, such as meranti.

Make sure you do your homework when it comes to choosing the wood, as some are simply not suitable. Beech is a classic example of a type of wood that shouldn’t be used in a conservatory. As always, the company responsible for fitting your conservatory will be able to help you with any queries you could have.

One of the major appeals to hardwood conservatories is they don’t need constant maintenance. Of course, you’ll benefit from keeping the wood in optimal condition. Some woods will need to be treated properly to ensure they remain protected against the elements, while others will have rich, natural oils. Teak and oak are examples of wood that can be left untreated.

Another advantage to hardwood conservatories is they often are granted planning permission in World Heritage Sites and conservation areas. You’ll find home improvements such as double glazing and solar panels struggle with planning permission in these areas, but hardwood conservatories keep in line with the home’s appearance.

And because wood can grow and replenish itself, it’s an environmentally friendly alternative to other options.
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