A uPVC conservatory is the cheapest way to add space to your home

March 30th, 2012

Property experts recommend them and say a uPVC conservatory is the best way to improve your home and earn back the investment because of the property’s rise in value.

And a Daily Mail report suggests that along with loft conversions and house extensions, conservatories are a fantastic means to upgrading your property whilst adding space and light to your downstairs area.

Remember, uPVC is the optimal material for modern day conservatories because:

  • It’s far cheaper than both wood and aluminium
  • It can be specially painted and doesn’t have to be traditional white
  • It’s low maintenance and can be cleaned with a wet cloth
  • It won’t rot or warp like hardwood
  • It’s durable and resilient to the UK’s changing weather
  • It’s manufactured with stabilisers to protect it from the sun’s UV rays

But getting a unique look is what can make or break your uPVC conservatory so it’s important to use a reputable company to design and manufacture the perfect conservatory.

Linda Barker, the TV personality notable for home improvement show Changing Rooms, backs up this point by saying people should look to bring as much originality as possible, whilst ensuring the price is within their budget.

She said: “It’s not about getting stuff cheaply, or off the peg, or copying a look in a magazine – it’s about putting together a unique look.”

With conservatories this is possible right from the off, because there are so many possibilities in style and shape.
Some of the most popular uPVC conservatory styles include:

  • Victorian – A classic design with great versatility
  • Edwardian – Offers plenty of space for furniture
  • Bespoke – Excellent when space may be limited
  • Lean-to – Great for bungalows and low roofed homes

You’ll find the cost of a uPVC conservatory is cheaper than a house extension for starters, which gives you more money to play with.

On top of this, since 2008, most uPVC conservatories can be built without needing planning permission. This is all dependent on the size though and a quick call to your local council will clear-up any queries you may have.

Above all, a uPVC conservatory is a real asset to your home, because it gives you the extra space you may need with a growing family. And this space is fully flexible, so you can incorporate any needs with the new conservatory.

For instance, many homeowners look to use their conservatory as a dining or living room. With soft furnishings it becomes an excellent place to relax in the evenings and at weekends.

What’s more, with a uPVC conservatory you don’t have to worry about heavy maintenance. uPVC is fully waterproof and won’t rot or warp over time. Also, unlike hardwood, it won’t need repainting every few years to keep it in a good condition.