Conmen highlight need to secure a reputable conservatory quote

May 28th, 2012

Conservatories offer homeowners the perfect opportunity to extend their home and add light, space and value, but you need to ensure your conservatory quote is from a trusted source.

A father and son have conned families out of thousands of pounds, after providing a conservatory quote for a massive £60,000 installation. They then took three payments of £9,000 and did not complete the extension.

Barry Palin and Adam Palin agreed to build the extension in the summer of 2010, but records suggest the company stopped trading at that same time and many more customers were hit with the same problems.

Any home improvement doesn’t come cheap and you should always ensure you sign a contract and agree a conservatory quote with a vetted trade professional.

Remember that a new conservatory has plenty of benefits, including:

  • Adding a significant amount of value to your home – more than any other home improvement
  • Giving your property extra light and space with large windows and fantastic designs
  • Allowing you to have an excellent access point onto the back garden
  • Having a place to relax in the evenings and at weekends, all year through

With all these advantages, the first step is securing a conservatory quote. And the only way to guarantee receiving the right prices from a reputable company is to compare quotes.

This was a problem facing the lady who paid upfront for an installation which never took place. However, both men were able to escape prosecution with 12 weeks prison sentences suspended for two years and 200 hours of unpaid work.

Barry Palin’s defence lawyer, Kevin Preston said: “He viewed the company almost as his baby. Everyone put in their personal money to try and keep the company a viable concern. He effectively had his blinkers on, desperately trying to keep things going, but it failed.”

Meanwhile, Phillip Holden, defending Adam Palin, mentioned: “To all intents and purposes, from the outset it had been a legitimate bona fide company, trading properly and had satisfied customers.

“This is not a case of work not being undertaken and monies received. The defendants were trying their best to do and perform the work. They weren’t taking money to use to their own ends, to pursue a lavish lifestyle, quite the reverse.”

If you’re interested in a conservatory quote, make sure to start the process on the right tracks by going down the correct route. We offer up to four FREE quotes from independently vetted contractors who have been referred by past customers.

You’ll guarantee an excellent work ethic and ensure everything’s up to scratch from the initial conservatory quote, to the final installation.