Conservatories tax scrapped as Government backtracks

April 19th, 2012

The Government has once again been hit by the media’s spotlight as they’ve backtracked on controversial plans that would have seen green tax added to new conservatories.

The proposals, which were only revealed last week as an energy efficiency agenda, would have seen property owners spending more when installing conservatories. Other efficiency measures would have to have been installed, such as double glazing, loft lagging or a new efficient boiler.

One source spoke to the Daily Telegraph and said: “We are absolutely not going to have a conservatory tax. It is an attack on aspiration and we want nothing to do with it. It will be blocked.”

Another source mentioned that homeowners wanting their properties improved should not be penalised by having to fork out on other measures. They said: “We don’t think this should extend to a ‘conservatory tax’ situation. The compulsion elements are over-the-top.”

The green tax on conservatories:

  • Would have forced homeowners to invest in energy efficient measures, as well as the conservatory installation
  • This would have been insulation such as loft lagging, double glazing or wall cavity insulation
  • When a conservatory was built, it would have automatically triggered the green clause

It was Tory Ministers that spoke with outrage at the prospect of homeowners having to pay out for insulation when building conservatories, as part of the Government’s Green Deal scheme.

This proposal withdrawal is not the only one of its kind, and this week it’s expected that the Government’s plans for wind turbines in rural areas will also be postponed.

Greg Barker, Climate Change Minister, said: It’s about being balanced and sensible. We inherited a policy from the last government which was unbalanced in favour of onshore wind.

“There have been some installations in insensitive or unsuitable locations – too close to houses, or in an area of outstanding natural beauty.”

With the conservatories proposal binned, you can:

  • Install a conservatory without the fear of spending more money on unwanted extras
  • Use your money wisely, by investing in your dream conservatory that’ll last well for years
  • Choose to have insulation installed if it meets your needs and your budget

Conservatories will become more and more popular as the summer takes shape and homeowners want a new experience for enjoying their garden. And the good thing with conservatories is they’re not just limited to the warm months and can be used in the winter too.

If you’re thinking about installing a conservatory, you should think about the style and material you’ll use. Remember, it’ll be with you for many years to come and could make the difference if you want to sell your home in the future.

In terms of cost, uPVC conservatories tend to offer the most value for money. They are the cheapest of the three possible materials, whilst being resilient and durable. What’s more, they don’t have to be manufactured as traditional white and can be coloured as woodgrain.

With the range of styles also available on the conservatories market, you’ll have the choice of Victorian, bespoke, Edwardian, lean-to and more.

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