Conservatory and home security around Christmas and New Year

December 9th, 2011

As Christmas approaches, it’s a time when the whole family can relax and enjoy the festive season. But we should ensure to remain vigilant with our security measures, especially with so many expensive gifts in our homes.

And conservatories are one of the weakest points of our homes for security, with so many windows and doors for intruders to access. However, you can tighten up your conservatory security with state-of-the-art protection, such as the multipoint locking mechanism which can be installed into windows.

You should also make sure your glass is internally beaded. This makes it a lot harder for potential burglars to break-in, as they can’t simply pop the beading. Force resistant hinges are also possible, and can be fitted to all windows and doors.

If you’re looking at installing a new conservatory or want to upgrade your glazing, then look at toughened glass as a long-term option. Toughened glass is great at resisting impacts and if it does break, it’ll be into dozens of harmless balls, not large dangerous shards. Not only is this a good security measure, but it also improves safety and is fantastic if young children will be playing in the garden.

While all of these will increase your conservatory’s security all year round, we must take special precautions around Christmas. Take note of the following and ensure you keep your home and conservatory safe and secure.

Remember to lock up
It’s something that every home should be doing at all times of year, but amazingly many people leave their homes and conservatories unlocked throughout the day. It doesn’t matter if it’s a door or window; if either is unlocked it gives opportunists the chance to break-in.

If your locks are old and faulty then it should be a priority to have them replaced with something more protective. As mentioned, the multipoint locking mechanism is one of the best security locks around. If you’re having new windows installed then ensure they’re certified to British Standard.

Once you’ve locked up, hide all keys out of sight. It’s all too common for a homeowner to leave a key under a mat or vase outside the front door, which is just asking for trouble. Be vigilant and keep your home safe.

Door security
Doors provide our homes with insulation and on the outside look safe and secure, with their uPVC and composite materials. But despite this, potential intruders can still have access to our homes with a process called lock bumping.

Lump bumping is actually a legitimate process used by trained locksmiths, but it has been taken up by burglars. To avoid falling victim to this, fit your conservatory door and front door with anti-bump, anti-drill and anti-snap door locks.

What’s on show?
It’s Christmas, so you’re bound to have a number of presents throughout the house worth quite a lot of money. This time of the year shows a peak for break-ins who take advantage of home full of quality gifts.

So don’t give burglars an idea by leaving everything out on show. Hide presents away in cupboards and closets and ensure you close the curtains at night. Even after Christmas, be careful what’s on show and what you put out for the dustbin man. Having Xbox or HD television packaging on your front drive just alerts burglars to what your house has to offer.

If you have a visible alarm with a flashing light this will act as a deterrent for burglars. External security such as floodlights with motion sensors and neighbourhood watch signs are highly recommended.