Conservatory benefits

November 9th, 2011

Conservatories are a great addition to any home, with a range of benefits that improve the inside and outside of your property.

Conservatories tend to have glass ceilings and walls which allow plenty of light to enter throughout the year. It means that you can make good use of your conservatory during the winter too, even when the temperature is lower.

This is made possible because conservatories can be very energy efficient, keeping the heat from your home inside and the cold air outside. You could have double glazing or triple glazing, which are efficient products themselves.

But the type of material used to construct the conservatory can also keep heat inside, especially uPVC and hardwood. This means you can enjoy the outside all year round, without the fear of your household energy bills increasing.

With the amount of light that comes through, conservatories are also fantastic rooms to house indoor plants. In fact, conservatories and orangeries have been used to grow plants since the 16th Century. Most popular were citrus trees and fragile plants such as orchids and roses. Having them inside will reduce the risk of insects or rodents ruining them too.

By having a conservatory attached to your home you’ll have easy access to the garden, especially if you fit some beautiful doors that open up space. With conservatories you could have French doors, patio doors or even bi-folding doors. In the summer, all three are very effective in allowing plenty of ventilation in the summer as well as keeping your home warm in the winter.

Conservatories add elegance to your home and with styles such as Victorian and Edwardian you’ll have something that looks great and will last for many years.

They can also be used just as a normal room to give you more living space. Some people turn their new conservatories into a kitchen or dining room, and sometimes you’ll see a conservatory as a playroom.