Conservatory Overview

October 26th, 2011

A conservatory is an extension to your home, typically having a glass roof and glass walls which allows plenty of sunlight into the room.

You can use them for all sorts of activities including as a dining room, games room, retreat, TV room, play room, home office or a home gym. These are just a few of the possible uses for a modern well designed conservatory.

While they originated in the 16th Century for cultivating fruits, conservatories tend to have a more stylish look nowadays. They’re seen as a place to relax, whilst having easy access to the garden, which is perfect in the summer months.

In Britain, conservatories are defined as buildings with 50% of their walls glazed and 75% of their roof glazed with translucent materials.

Conservatories are often looked at as beautiful structures, and they’ve been designed and built all over the world.

They’re particularly popular in gardens, where they can act as a greenhouse for conserving plants, or a recreational room to relax in. Conservatories can also be used simply to give you extra space in the home.

Conservatories are also known as sunrooms and solariums and there are a number of options for how you want it to look.

Styles range from Victorian to Edwardian, and there are plenty of roofing materials to choose from. You could opt for the conventional glazing, or the environmentally friendly solar glass.

Rising in popularity is the hardwood conservatory. Woods such as Jatoba, Teak, Mahogany and Sapele are used for this more detailed and elaborate conservatory.

However, at a lower cost, the clean uPVC and aluminium conservatories are also available.