Conservatory prices: Add value to your home

May 15th, 2012

Many people in Britain aren’t aware of how to add the most value to their homes, but current conservatory prices make an installation extremely worthwhile.

According to the Topps Tiles investigation, conservatories are second in the list for home improvements that add the most value, slightly behind loft conversions. However, loft conversions need a lot more initial funding to make the room secure, whereas conservatory prices start much lower.

Many Britons felt that kitchens were the best way to add value, but a conservatory adds as much as £12,151 and double glazing sees a £5,265 return.

And it’s obvious why a conservatory will add so much value to your home. After all, they bring a number of benefits to every property, which include:

  • Adding space and light to your home. The conservatory can be used for anything, from a living area or dining room, to a playroom
  • Giving you a fantastic access to the back garden, which is great for the summer
  • Providing excellent energy efficiency to ensure you can use the conservatory in winter too
  • Adding over £12,000 to your property’s value

Conservatories in the UK are becoming increasingly popular, because house prices are rising, so homeowners are preferring to stay put and improve their current property.

With many styles including Victorian, lean-to and bespoke, there’s something for everyone.

A recent HSBC survey also backs up the value conservatories add to properties and the head of mortgages at the British bank said: “Homeowners should think carefully about the type and extent of any home improvement works they are planning. Those which enhance the quality of life while retaining broad appeal should be favoured over more individually styled alternations.”

With the conservatory prices, you’ll find the difference is in the size, style and installation material. For those on a budget you’ll want to ensure you get the best deal and you don’t pay out for something that won’t last over the years.

With the material, conservatory prices will increase if you’re thinking about aluminium. Although it’s undoubtedly the strongest possible material on the market, this comes at a cost and aluminium isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing either.

Hardwood will also add to the conservatory prices and although it looks great, it can come unstuck later down the line with rotting and warping issues.

If you want to make the most from your conservatory prices, uPVC is the product for you. Not only is it the cheapest of the three, but it’s resilient to changing weather, durable and can be coloured to resemble hardwood.

If you’re looking for the best conservatory prices to add value to your home, ensure to get multiple quotes from a number of professional companies. Fill out our quick form and we’ll provide you with up to four FREE conservatory quotes from vetted companies.