Conservatory roof – Glass or plastic?

November 9th, 2011

Conservatories are typically stylish extensions to your home which give you great access to the garden. They can be used as a place to relax all year round, but also offer more space in your home and some are used for kitchens, dining rooms or playrooms.

Most styles have the walls and conservatory roof glazed, to allow plenty of light in. This also means you can see outside to admire your garden or the world above.

But while these are more traditional ideas with angles and patterns modified through the years, it is becoming common to customise your conservatory and choose your own specifications. Of course, you would base this on your taste and lifestyle.

And when it comes to the conservatory roof, there are two options that stand out. Glass and plastic.

Traditionally, glass is the only material considered for a conservatory, but with the affordability of plastic, glass has to make a case to prove to customers it’s worth the extra expense.

Glass roofs do provide the best insulation for conservatories, and with double and triple glazing you’ll be increasing the energy efficiency even more. This means your heating bills will be reduced as you’ll be using less fuel to warm the conservatory.

As mentioned earlier, glass gives you the view you’d miss out on with a plastic roof. And if there are trees above, glass won’t stain as easily as plastic if organic matter rests on it.

And because glass is heavier, the construction needs to be more solid, making the roof harder to break into. It’ll also hold up better with interchangeable weather conditions.

With all these benefits for glass, you’d think plastic doesn’t have a leg to stand on. But for many people, the most important aspect of a new conservatory is price. And this is where plastic really makes its mark.

Not only is it far cheaper to have installed, but you won’t need a thicker construction to hold it up. So overall the costs will drop significantly. And while it won’t provide the view that glass offers, this could be seen as a positive, especially if you want privacy.

Experts would suggest that glass is the way to go with better insulation, strength and durability. But plastic allows more homeowners the chance to install a conservatory for a cheaper price.