Decorating and furnishing your new conservatory

December 20th, 2011

When you choose to have a new conservatory installed it’s always best to work closely with the installation company, in order to achieve a fantastic finish that’ll look great for years.

Whether you choose an Edwardian conservatory, a Victorian conservatory, or a modern bespoke conservatory, you’ll need to spend time decorating the end product. There are so many possibilities when it comes to decorating, with plenty of textures, colours, curtains, carpets and plants on offer.

Remember, you should be decorating your new conservatory in a style that matches how you intend it to be used. As a playroom for example, you could choose to decorate the conservatory with bright colours and lots of lighting.

Mixed with the natural sunlight flooding through the conservatory roof and windows, bright colours will help to make the room look a little larger. Whereas darker, warmer colours will offer a room you can retreat to in the evening to relax.

Even the smaller decoration objects can make or break your conservatory’s aesthetic appeal. For larger conservatories, plants and flowers tend to be an excellent choice for decoration. If you go down this route though, ensure all the vases you use are of the same size, otherwise you won’t have symmetry.

Comfortable conservatories will often have other features such as carpets, furniture and cushions. You’ll also find blinds or curtains for the windows, which adds to the conservatory’s energy efficiency.

With furniture you need to keep in mind that it’ll come into contact with a lot of natural sunlight – so it needs to be resistant to warping and discolouration. Cork tiles in particular are a proven success with conservatories, because of their hard wearing qualities and their ability to withstand wear and tear.

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