Enjoy the summer with cheap conservatories

June 22nd, 2012

After what has been a miserable few weeks, the summer has finally arrived and the sun has broken through. With more and more people braving their gardens and the BBQ, now’s the time to start thinking about adding something extra and cheap conservatories are the perfect answer.

As well as adding a wealth of light and space to your home, conservatories are proven to bring in more value and you’ll have excellent access to the back garden.

Cheap conservatories can add over £9,000 to the value of your home so if you were thinking it wouldn’t be worthwhile financially; you couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact they’re one of the best home improvements you can make to increase your property’s value.

TV home improvement specialist Linda Barker gives her tips on creating the perfect conservatory. She said: “It’s worth remembering that a conservatory is made of three quarters glass, so blinds and curtains are very important for appearance, privacy and for controlling light and heat.”

Remember, with a conservatory you can:

  • Add over £9,000 to your property’s value
  • Incorporate plenty of light and space into your home
  • Have a fantastic access to the garden

TV personality Linda Barker gives thoughts for homeowners looking to invest in a home extension.

These include:

  • Consider how you will use your conservatory and design the space around these needs

Professional installation companies can give you all the help and support needed if you’re unsure on the best approach for cheap conservatories and will even come up with a number of designs.

  • Extend flooring from the conservatory into the adjoining room to add to the feeling of space

Adding space is one of the crucial reasons to building a conservatory and making it part of the existing home will add to the aesthetic appeal.

  • Choose heavier weight fabrics for blinds if you’re overlooked by your neighbours and want your evenings to remain private

Privacy is important to everyone and you shouldn’t treat a conservatory any differently to other rooms in your home.

  • Make a scaled drawing of your conservatory on paper and decide where furniture will go before you commit to buying or moving anything

This of course all comes down to the design again, and you should have an idea of the eventual layout.

When it comes to cheap conservatories there are a number of options for both the design and the material. Popular designs include Victorian, Georgian, bespoke and lean-to.

Meanwhile you will have the option of uPVC, hardwood or aluminium as a construction material. All three have their benefits but uPVC is the best option if you’re looking for cheap conservatories and want something that’ll last well for years.

Hardwood is often prone to rotting and warping, whilst aluminium is much more expensive than the other two.

uPVC is resilient, durable and the cheapest of the three. It doesn’t require heavy maintenance and is made with stabilisers and additives to protect it from the sun’s natural UV rays.

If you’re interested in cheap conservatories why not find out the prices and hear from local, vetted trade professionals. Receive up to four free conservatory quotes from reputable companies by completing our online form.