How conservatory planning permission changes will benefit you

September 26th, 2012

In an effort to reignite the construction industry and boost the UK’s economy, the Government have relaxed planning permissions for the installation of a conservatory.

PM David Cameron announced the proposed changes in early September, which are expected to come into full force in October. Under the new legislation homeowners won’t need planning permission for larger conservatories; quickening the whole process and helping people improve their property.
Prior to the changes being implemented next month:

  • Conservatories wouldn’t need planning permission if they didn’t extend beyond a certain point of your home
  • This is three metres for a semidetached property
  • And four metres for detached homes

In October this limit will be doubled, giving homeowners the opportunity to have their dream conservatory built. This new legislation will incorporate extensions too, but only those on a ground floor.

To help these proposals kick-start the conservatory industry, the Treasury is planning a £10 billion borrowing fund for property developers and housing associations.

Whilst homeowners are most likely to make the most from this relaxed ruling, it’s not specifically limited to households. Shops will be allowed a further 1,076 square feet of extension and industrial units can extend by double this amount.

David Cameron said on September 6: “This Government means business in delivering plans to help people, build new homes and kick start the economy. We’re determined to cut through the bureaucracy that holds us back. That starts with getting the planners off our backs.”

As well as improving the building industry, Cameron said he is also keen to help those in their 30s and living with mum and dad get onto the property ladder. He believes the changes will see an extra 70,000 properties built, creating 140,000 jobs.

Nick Jopling, the executive property director of Grainger, said: “With the support announced today, we can help lead the way to creating a viable built to rent sector, attracting institutional investment. Building quality homes for long term rent will be a game changer for the UK housing market, and it will address the huge, and growing, demand for privately renting.”

With the new legislation ready to come into effect, and the range of benefits for adding a conservatory to your home, there’s never been a better time to make home changes.

With a conservatory:

  • Add over £9,000 of value to your home in a tough housing climate
  • Bring a wealth of extra space and light that can be used throughout the year
  • Choose from a range of designs including Victorian, Georgian and bespoke

With the relaxed planning permission regulations ready to come into place, it’s now the best time to have a conservatory built and extend your property.

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