Invest in a cheap conservatory to improve your home

April 27th, 2012

“Homeowners should think carefully about the type and extent of any home improvement works they are planning. Those which enhance the quality of life while retaining broad appeal should be favoured over more individually styled alternations.”

That’s what Peter Dockar, head of mortgages at HSBC had to say on home improvements, and he warns homeowners against investing in something that won’t add value to properties.

When people think about improving their home, a loft conversion or new kitchen springs to mind. But these two examples won’t boost your property’s value as much as you’d believe.

Instead, a cheap conservatory offers:

  • Over £9,000 increase in property value
  • Extra light and space that can be enjoyed throughout the year
  • A great access point for your garden, which is excellent with summer just around the corner

And a cheap conservatory:

  • Can be used as anything you wish, such as a dining room or living room
  • Is a fantastic area to relax in at evenings and weekends

Read more to find out how much value a cheap conservatory will add to your home and how you can go about finding the best prices.

The housing market has been in a state of decline and experts suggest that the only way to add value is to improve. With the summer just around the corner, mortgage lenders are saying a cheap conservatory is your best option.

A conservatory is adding more and more value to your home, up from £8,233 a year ago, to £9,420. Conservatories are now the most worthwhile home improvement and with all the benefits they bring, you can either enjoy your new installation or sell your home for a greater price.

In fact, a cheap conservatory is the only home improvement proven to add more value to your home in the last 12 months, according to a HSBC annual survey.

And home improvement specialist George Bond, says that conservatories are the in thing at the moment.

He mentioned that homeowners should “make the most of the space”, and recommends a conservatory to be the same size as the back of the house. George says this will give homeowners plenty of room to work with and they can decorate in a manner fitting to them.

Of course, with the UK entering another recession homeowners don’t have too much money to spare, which is why a cheap conservatory is the best way of improving.

According to the HSBC survey, DIY enthusiasts will find even less ‘added value’, than if the installation was completed by a reputable company.

If you’re interested in improving your home and adding value, a cheap conservatory is the right investment for you.

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