Lean to conservatories add value to your home

July 5th, 2012

If you want to extend your home and add value to your property, lean to conservatories are the perfect answer. Not only do they add a wealth of light and space at the back of your home to utilise all year round, but they come at an extremely affordable price.

Otherwise known as sun lounge conservatories, lean to conservatories add space whilst bringing style and sophistication to your home. With fantastic insulation you can keep your energy bills low and make the most from a great access point to the garden.

The lean to conservatories range is one of the UK’s most popular, with other styles including Victorian, bespoke, Edwardian and Georgian all possible.

The benefits of conservatories

Conservatories bring a number of benefits to every home, including:

  • More space which can be used for any purpose. With a conservatory you have complete control over the design and function, giving you the opportunity for any possibility. Commonly, lean to conservatories are used as living areas or dining rooms
  • Added value to your home. Conservatories are proven to be one of the best home improvements you can invest in to add value to your property. With a conservatory you’ll add over £9,000 to your home’s valuation
  • A great access to the back garden which can be enjoyed all year round. This is particularly beneficial in the summer, but also in the winter you’ll have a place to relax in whilst enjoying the outside

With lean to conservatories you’ll also have the option of which material to use for construction. The three most popular are uPVC, aluminium and hardwood.

However, if you’re after something cheap, reliable, durable and resistant, uPVC is the only material you should be looking at. During the production phase uPVC is manufactured with stabilises to preserve the material from the sun’s UV rays too.

It’s by far the cheapest option and it doesn’t slack on durability. As insulation, uPVC is also the most energy efficient, retaining more heat in your home and keeping bills down.

Aluminium is the strongest of the three, but loses out in the price as it’s by far the most expensive option. It’s also not the most aesthetically pleasing and isn’t great for energy efficiency.

Whilst hardwood does look good and is in keeping with many traditional homes, it needs heavy maintenance to stay in optimal condition. As a wood, it’s prone to rotting, warping and bowing and will also need repainting every few years.

If you’re interested in lean to conservatories and want to benefit from a cheap installation that’ll last well for decades, complete our quick from. We’ll then provide you with up to four FREE conservatory quotes from vetted professionals in your area.