Loft conversions – A fantastic alternative to relocating

October 22nd, 2012

Converting the space in your loft or attic is a cost-effective way of adding an extra room. On top of this, loft conversions are a brilliant way of investing in your home and increasing property value.

With a loft conversion:

  • Make the most from wasted space at the top of your home
  • Utilise the large area for a bedroom, bathroom or even office
  • Add thousands of pounds to your property’s value
  • Benefit from more space without entering the expensive housing market

Choosing the right loft conversion company

Making the most from your investment and ensuring added value with your project requires a reputable company to complete the loft conversion. There are hundreds of companies around the UK, but how can you be sure of avoiding the cowboys and rogue traders.

This answer is simple. Use vetted and reputable trade professionals, who have been praised by past customers and offer fantastic prices.

With the perfect loft conversions company you’ll be able to discuss your wishes and the specialists will complete the renovation, turning that wasted space into something worthwhile.

A good loft conversion company will measure your loft and help you counter any limitations the space has. On top of this they’ll discuss the best ways of bringing additional light into the room.

They’ll also be clued up on Building Regulations, helping you to avoid any complications later down the line. On most occasions loft conversion planning permissions isn’t required, but the company will be able to deal with this too.

There are a range of options available for homeowners looking for a loft conversion, including an extra bedroom, bathroom, gym or home office.

How long does a loft conversion take?

A professional loft conversion company can have the work completed in just a few weeks, so you can start enjoying the space quickly and have the extra room your home needs.

The costs associated with moving home are often enough to put many people off the prospect. When you add this to the stresses of estate agents, solicitors and removal men, thousands of homeowners are opting out.

With many property sales falling through just before completion date, the process has to start over again. This wastes both time and money, pushing people away from the expensive housing market.

Loft conversion quotes

By making the most of the wasted space in your home you’ll be able to create extra room in the property.

Complete our loft conversion quotes form and hear from up to four vetted and reputable professionals who’ll provide you with no obligation quotes for the work you require.