Loft conversions add biggest value to your home

October 22nd, 2012

A Halifax survey has suggested that loft conversions can add the greatest value to your property, beating home extensions, conservatories and a new kitchen.

And Channel 4’s Double Your House for Half the Money agrees with this survey, with the TV show promoting a renovation of the loft rather than extending outwards.

Bespoke Lofts owner, Marc Loppas, said: “Channel 4 specifically wanted to showcase properties that could demonstrate how to unlock the potential of space within a loft. We have worked on hundreds of properties, but they really loved the Chingford property as it captured the vast space and different potential uses that a loft can have. We always strive to build to the utmost quality and this fitted in with what Channel 4 were looking for.”

It’s home improvement TV shows like this that are making homeowners more aware of the best ways to add value and space to their property.

The loft or attic in most homes is barely used, with a couple of boxes and Christmas decorations scattered around.

With a loft conversion:

  • Utilise wasted space in your home to cater for a growing family
  • Add thousands of pounds to your home’s value
  • Benefit from a cheaper way to add space with the structure already in place
  • Don’t take up a valuable part of your garden with a house extension

Loft conversions are proven to add thousands of pounds to your property’s value. Take advantage of this and extend your home for a portion of the price it’d cost you for an extension.

Loft conversions add:

  • 5% to your home’s value for an extra bathroom
  • 6% to your home’s value for an extra bedroom
  • 20% to your home’s value for an ensuite bedroom

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