Modern day uses for a conservatory in your home

January 5th, 2012

A conservatory is a great addition to any home. One of the main benefits is you can choose a design and style that suits you and your property. And there really is a wide range to choose from, including Victorian and Edwardian conservatories, to the modern bespoke.

Conservatories and orangeries were once used to store delicate plants such as citrus trees, but as times have changed, so has the way we utilise these fashionable home improvements. So why should you consider a conservatory in the first place?

Extra dining space

You’ll tend to find conservatories are built near the kitchen or dining room, with the obvious explanation of these usually being at the back of your home. So you should definitely consider the possibility of extending your kitchen and dining room space.

Not only will a conservatory offer you more room, but it’ll give you a fantastic place to entertain guests without the worry of being too cramped.

If either your kitchen or dining room are a little on the small side, then a glass conservatory will open the space right up, while allowing in plenty of natural sunlight during the day.

As a family room

Conservatories are brilliant as you can decorate them exactly how you’d like. So whether you want a 50” plasma screen or some comfy sofas to retreat to with a book, you’ll find conservatories can offer the most in relaxation.

During the winter you don’t have to worry about being too cold either. During a conservatory build you could install underfloor heating, which is one of the most energy efficient heating designs on the market.

Combined with warm, inviting colours, a conservatory can yet again be another great area to entertain at all times of the year.

As a work environment

Why should you be cramped in a small study, when you could be sat comfortably in an airy, bright refreshing room? Conservatories don’t just offer families an area to relax in, but also provide a fantastic working environment.

Throughout the day you’ll have natural sunlight pouring through the conservatory roof and windows, so you won’t be sat in the dark trawling over books and papers.