Orangery styled conservatories for your home

January 4th, 2012

Conservatories add a certain quality to homes and can be used all year round for many different reasons. When done properly, you could have a fantastic living space for relaxing in the evening or open out your kitchen into a large dining area. With other features such as underfloor heating, it gives you the perfect place to entertain and feel comfortable.

The great thing with new conservatories is you can choose any style that suits your existing home, whether it’s Victorian, Edwardian, bespoke of lean-to. And now, to add even more options to the list, orangery style conservatories are now being manufactured and supplied.

In their early days, orangeries were used in Italy to store delicate fruits such as citrus trees. Because of their elegant look, many homeowners see orangeries as an excellent home improvement idea. With an orangery styled conservatory you’ll be bringing this elegance to your home and adding a new dimension to your property.

The material you choose for an orangery styled conservatory could be wood, uPVC or aluminium, although the wooden effect is the most aesthetically pleasing. If it’s endurance and durability that you’re looking for, then aluminium or uPVC is the right choice for you.

And what’s more, you can make your conservatory energy efficient by installing double glazing and solar glass for the roof. Double glazing provides insulation by restricting heat loss. Two panes of glass separated by an efficient gas, prevents heat passing through the unit. This keeps it in the home, meaning you don’t have turn up your central heating system to warm your home. You’ll have a warmer conservatory and reduced energy bills.

For the roof, Pilkington glass offers optimum performance. It works by restricting the amount of heat let into your conservatory during the summer and retaining heat in the winter. This means you can enjoy your conservatory all year round and don’t have to worry about an uncomfortable room temperature.