Sell your home with a conservatory

January 13th, 2012

A conservatory is a stylish, modern add-on to any home that can be used for almost all purposes. From kitchens to dining rooms, you could build a conservatory and instantly be rewarded with more room in your home.

And conservatories are great for increasing the value of your property and actually help you to sell. If one of your downstairs rooms is particularly small, opening up the space with a conservatory can allow plenty of light in and change the whole property’s dynamic.

Of course, you don’t just have to build a conservatory when it comes to selling your home. In fact they can improve your home lifestyle and offer you a place to relax in the evening. With great furnishings, a conservatory is an area you can enjoy all year round – not just in the summer.

Remember that with the latest insulation techniques, you can keep your conservatory warm throughout the winter too. Double glazing is especially good in a conservatory as you’ll tend to have a lot of glass windows, depending on the style. And double glazing retains heat inside the conservatory with two panes of glass, separated by an energy efficient gas.

Double glazing isn’t the only insulation you can install either. Some of the latest technology can be incorporated into new conservatories, such as solar glass and Planitherm. Both restrict heat loss while capturing the sun’s rays.

One of the great things with conservatories is you can choose any style you wish, that would go well with your original house. So whatever the purpose, there are styles to suit all homes. Traditional conservatories include Edwardian and Victorian designs, while modern styles are bespoke and lean-to.

There really is no excuse to build a new conservatory, and as long as you acquire the correct planning permission it’ll provide you with a great area. If you’re interested in a conservatory for your home, fill out our quick form and we’ll provide you with up to five FREE quotes from vetted, reputable conservatory companies.