The benefits for an uPVC conservatory

January 19th, 2012

uPVC, otherwise known as unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride, has become the leading material for conservatory constructions. It’s pretty easy to see why, with a number of benefits that set it apart from other possible materials.

Nowadays uPVC accounts for 50% of all new conservatory builds. uPVC superbly integrates cost and quality to produce a conservatory that’ll last for decades against all weather conditions.

Perhaps the stand-out feature for an uPVC conservatory is its durability. As you may well be aware, uPVC is equally popular in windows and doors too, as its hard wearing properties are great at resisting wind and rain loads.

The structure of uPVC is strengthened with stabilisers and additives before it’s put into frames, providing the material with longevity. The stabilisers also give UV ray protection from the sun, leaving the clean, white finish.

With ease of installation, uPVC is very popular in the DIY industry, which of course saves costs on fitting too.

To make the most out of the strength in uPVC you should look to have frames with a thickness of at least 55mm. Remember, the thicker the frames, the stronger your conservatory will be.

The thickness is frames will also prove an added benefit if you choose to have a glass roof fitted with your conservatory. Although the thickness will need to be nearer the 80mm mark, uPVC is perfectly suitable for supporting glass.

uPVC is also a cheaper material than the other possibilities – hardwood and aluminium. So if you’re on a budget, but still want a top notch conservatory, uPVC could be your answer.

You can also fit an uPVC conservatory with all the latest security measures and double glazed windows. Double glazing helps to reduce energy bills by restricting how much heat is lost through the windows.

With uPVC conservatories there really are endless possibilities. They’re resilient, durable and can be manufactured to any style of your choosing. Despite all these benefits they’re still available at little cost.

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