The benefits of a loft conversion

October 9th, 2012

As homeowners look to add space to their property as a route away from relocating, the loft conversion has escalated in popularity. With a loft conversion you won’t be taking away precious garden space, as an extension would, and you’ll be making the most of a wasted area in your property.

For those considering a conversion, see the benefits below and if it sounds promising, apply for up to four FREE loft conversion quotes.

  • Utilise wasted space

A loft or attic is normally a wasted part of your home. It normally covers a large area and many homeowners simply use the space for storage – whether it’s boxes of junk of Christmas decorations. Convert the room into a bedroom, bathroom, study or even and ensuite.

  • Increase home value

Converting your loft is guaranteed to add value to your home and research shows that putting in an extra bedroom or bathroom could increase property value by 5% and 6% respectively. On top of this, converting your loft area into an ensuite bedroom can add on a whopping 20%.

  • Avoid relocating

The property market is currently in a state of decline as house prices have stagnated and are even decreasing. It now costs thousands of pounds in solicitor fees, estate agents payments and stamp duty too, making it less worthwhile to move home. Instead homeowners are looking to extend their property or convert a loft or garage to add space.

  • Cheaper than an extension

With a loft conversion, the infrastructure is already in place. This not only means it’ll be cheaper than a house extension, but you shouldn’t need planning permission either. To add the most value to your property, consider a loft conversion as opposed to extending into your garden.

Loft conversion quotes

A loft conversion should definitely be considered if you want to add value and space to your property. With a Velux window you can bring natural light to the room and the space can be turned into whatever your home needs.
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