The essential conservatory design you need

May 3rd, 2012

A conservatory design to finish off your installation will go a long way to making it feel a part of your home. It’s essential you create the right atmosphere though, depending on how you expect the conservatory to be used.

Whilst a lot of your conservatory design will take place after the construction, don’t forget to think about the features during the installation. Things such as fascias and soffits could prove crucial later down the line.

If you’re thinking of a conservatory, remember:

  • They add a wealth of space and light to your home
  • Add value to your property, over £9,000
  • Give you an excellent place to relax in

Conservatory design – Walls and décor

In your conservatory the walls will be a crucial part of the design. While most of the walls will be glass, as normally constitutes a conservatory, what little wall space you have should be decorated in a manner that suits the rest of your home.

The space available can be decorated with wallpaper or pictures, obviously depending on the atmosphere you wish to create. Photos provide a subtle homely atmosphere.

Conservatory design – The flooring

When thinking about the flooring during the conservatory design, you should treat them in a similar way to the walls. Even though the flooring doesn’t necessarily have to match the rest of the home, it should be connected in some way – at least to the room it links from.

For instance, the change would be less noticeable if a small walkway connects to the conservatory, but using laminate when the rest of your home if carpeted, could make it look strange.

Conservatory design – The windows

The majority of your conservatory will be made up of windows, and so to an extent they’re the most important part of your design. Standard glass will allow plenty of light in, but energy efficient glass will help you reduce your bills and keep the room warm in winter.

Blinds or curtains are a must if you want that homely feel, but try to go for something modern, avoiding floral looks. As with everything, the mood you want to evoke will essentially decide which route you go down.

Of course, these suggestions are just the basics and when considering your conservatory design it’s best to scout around to find the perfect furnishings.

If you’ve yet to have a new conservatory installed, then why not begin your journey by simply applying for up to four free quotes from vetted, reputable companies. These are all free and you’re under no obligation.