Underfloor heating can improve your conservatory in winter

May 11th, 2012

Does your conservatory fall victim to coldness during the winter? Does the floor become so cold it’s unbearable to walk on? This doesn’t make for a cosy environment – and you’ll no doubt avoid using it during the cold months. That’s where under floor heating comes in. Something every conservatory owner should consider, this type of heating offers a great way of adding warmth to your conservatory. Once you’ve got under floor heating in place, you can then make the most of it all year round. Who says conservatories are just for summer?

No need for an unsightly radiator…

Under floor heating makes the ideal alternative to an unsightly radiator or heater. Radiators and heaters can also take up a lot of room. With under floor heating you won’t have this problem – instead you’ll have more space to play with.

When it comes to choosing under floor heating for your conservatory, it is generally divided into two systems – Wet and Electric.

Wet Under floor heating:

This type of under floor heating uses hot water. Circulated through plastic pipes inside the base, it quickly gets to work warming the floor of the conservatory– while the residual heat gently warms the rest of the room. The only snag with wet under floor heating is that you might need to purchase a new boiler in order to heat the wet under floor system – as well as your existing central heating.

Electric under floor heating:

Cheaper to install than water under floor heating, electric under floor heating is the most popular choice of under floor heating. A mat system laid under the floor finish or in the base – depending on which system you choose – electric under floor heating does exactly the same as wet under floor heating. Bringing warmth to the floor, the heat will gradually rise through your conservatory, providing you with a comfortable and snug environment.

Will under floor heating work with your flooring?

Perhaps you’ve decided on stone, tiles or carpet for in your conservatory? Under floor heating will work well with any of these. Read on to find out what works best and what to avoid…

Stone/Tile floors

Stone and tiled floors are the best type of flooring to use with under floor heating – simply because these floors conduct heat so well. If you have – or are planning on having – stone or tiled flooring, then under floor heating really is a must if you want to be enjoying your conservatory all year round.


Although under floor heating can be used with most types of carpet, just make sure the carpet’s underlay is not a good thermal insulator – otherwise the heat won’t be able to seep through into the actual carpet itself. If carpet is your choice of flooring, avoid felt and polyurethane underlays as they are good thermal insulators.

From stone, tile to carpet, when it comes to the type of flooring, you’ll soon find the under floor heating system for you. Now you can enjoy your conservatory not just in the summer months, but during wintertime too.