Why choose bifolding doors for your conservatory

January 23rd, 2012

When choosing the doors for your new conservatory, there are a number of options. The four popular choices are patio doors, French doors, uPVC doors and bifolding doors. Each style will offer your conservatory something different, but this post will deal with the bifolding door.

Bifolding doors are particularly good for those of you with little space, as they open up the conservatory without taking up much room. Bifolding doors can fold both inwards and outwards, allowing plenty of light into your property.

Although bifolding doors are most useful when space is restricted, such as laundry rooms and cupboards, many people have started to see the possibilities for having them fitted in conservatories. With excellent flexibility coupled with their ease to operate, they make a fantastic addition to any conservatory.

Like all other windows and doors, you’ll want to ensure your bifolding doors can handle changing weather conditions. This is why it’s imperative to check they’re covered by British Regulations, as they’ll then have good weather resistance, insulation and security.

The basic design for bifolding doors means they come in pairs. So in a two-door unit one will fold to either side or a four-door unit will be split in half. This offers maximum space in your conservatory as it means you can have furniture directly next to the door. Notably, sliding doors require the most amount of space to open fully and are simply not suitable for many conservatory designs.

If you’re conservatory’s design wouldn’t accommodate this style, the bifolding doors can be specially manufactured so an odd number of doors are used.

Another benefit with bifolding doors is they have the flexibility to be fully opened, partially opened or fully closed. At different times of the day and year you’ll need varying levels of light and space, so bifolding doors give you this great option.

Bifolding doors can be manufactured in wood and aluminium and there are a number of colours and finishes to suit you and your conservatory.

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