Why half of UK homeowners look to conservatories and house extensions

November 6th, 2012

Fed up of your home, but don’t have the finances or means to relocate? Then you fall into the same bracket as millions of other British homeowners, with a recent survey suggesting half of the UK’s population is looking at house extensions and conservatories, opposed to entering the property market.

Everest Home Improvement conducted a poll recently to find 44% wanted to increase the size of their property, with the majority aged between 35 and 54.

The poll also showed that those with a higher income would be more likely to increase the size too.

And this surge of popularity in conservatories and home extensions only comes a month after Prime Minister David Cameron announced changes to planning permission regulations. Now, extensions will be granted without the need for permission, doubling the size of the previous allowance.

National statistics show that over 200,000 households apply for home extension and conservatory planning permission yearly. There is a huge cost associated with this too, up to £150 just for the application and then possibly thousands of pounds for professional fees. This change in legislation allows the fast-track of installations, without being tied up for months on end.

Conservatories in general are very popular for a number of reasons, but mainly because they can be used for a variety of purposes. They’ll provide an elegant and sophisticated area for extra living space or a place to work. On top of this you won’t have to worry about energy efficiency as conservatories can be built with insulated walls and flooring.

With a conservatories:

  • Add over £9,000 to your home’s value
  • Enjoy extra space and light throughout the year
  • Have a fantastic access to your garden
  • Avoid the increasingly expensive property market.

It’s no secret that the housing market is tough at the moment, with many simply not being able to afford to enter. With house extensions and conservatories, increase living space and quality of life whilst adding value to the property.

Everest’s research also shows that those in the South are particularly interested in increasing space in the home and most have children, therefore requiring the extra room. According to the results, 75% of those with three children wanted to extend.

With the many possibilities home extensions and conservatories offer, why not consider adding extra space in your property.

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