certassCertass is an organisation formed in 2006 to improve the glazing industry and allows contractors to self-certify installations. This means they don’t need to submit a building notice or use an approved inspector.

The organisation covers replacement windows and other glazing products in the home, and is licensed by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

It’s a not-for-profit organisation.
Certass assesses each member before they join to ensure they meet UK building regulations. When one of its registered companies completes an installation, Certass notifies the local authority.

A Building Regulation Compliance certificate will then be issued for the homeowner to use in the future. These come particularly handy when you’re trying to sell your property.

Existing and new Certass members are always checked to ensure the highest standards are being adhered to. Certass will check:

  • The company’s financial status and trading record
  • Any estimates given are understandable and in plain English
  • The seven-day cooling off legislation is adhered to
  • Insurance is offered to customers
  • Complaints are handled appropriately with a procedure in place
  • Window installations meet the thermal rating regulations
  • And Certass annually inspects installations to make sure guidelines have been met.

Certass also manage a thermal rating which ensures homeowners that their new glazing if energy efficient.

The organisation prides itself on a fair, friendly service which benefits companies and homeowners.