How a Wooden Conservatory Could Enhance Your Home

June 8th, 2017

wooden conservatoryIf you’re considering buying a conservatory then your main priority will probably be the additional room it’ll make. However, not only will a conservatory give you more space to use throughout the year, it’ll also give extra appeal to your home, both inside and out.

With multiple conservatory designs around, it’s clear that different styles suit different properties. So it’s necessary to think about all your options carefully so you select an appropriate one.

uPVC conservatories are continuously popular, partly because of their cost. They’re by far the least expensive material supplied and do not need as much upkeep as other options.

However, other property owners like the look and appeal of wooden conservatories. They’re not exceptionally pricey and look outstanding, particularly on older buildings.

Wooden conservatory advantages

By going for a wooden conservatory you’ll quickly increase the character of your home and add quality that improves it both inside and out.

Wooden conservatories are easy on the eye and with an appealing finish, are unequalled in visual terms. You’ll have this long-lasting appeal for several years. Plus nowadays, wooden conservatories need much less maintenance than they did before.

Type of wooden conservatory frames

Many homeowners appear to pull back from wooden conservatories because of fear that they’ll be too pricey. However, this is no longer the case. Naturally, some woods are more expensive than others. But don’t assume that cheaper wood is worse quality.

A few of your wood choices include:

Idigbo: This African wood is similar to oak, but is far more economical. Idigbo is also lighter, lasts longer, and in the UK is the most popular wood for conservatories.

Luan: This tends to be considered an affordable alternative to pine and comes from the Philippines. As it’s a common wood it’s easily available at a fairly low cost. It will also last well over 20 years.

Brazilian cedar: This wood works as an alternative to mahogany and is a stunning dark wood. It’s a low-cost choice and perfect for conservatories.

Maintaining your wooden conservatory

Timber has been used in the construction market for many years and it’s obvious why. Doors, windows and conservatories all gain from wood because of its strength, resistance and visual appeal.

The great news is, wood does not need the level of maintenance that you’d expect. That said, it’s important to treat it every few years. This will keep the wood frames in great condition and ensure they’re looking good.