How to Turn Your Conservatory into a Comfortable Space All Year

November 8th, 2017

Building a conservatory can be a fantastic way to create more living space in your home. But many people frequently come up against problems that stop them using their conservatory all year.

We think that you should be able to enjoy your conservatory all year. So we’ve come up with solutions to 3 of the most common problems that might stop your conservatory being comfortable throughout the year.

Problem 1: My conservatory’s too warm in the summer

One main issue that prevents homeowners from using their conservatories all year round is that they get too warm in the summer. Even with windows and doors open, conservatories can get too warm and stuffy to be comfortable when temperatures get to a certain level.

Our solutions

There are numerous things you can do to sort out this issue. If you don’t fancy spending too much, try buying some blinds. These will block out sunlight and prevent your conservatory from getting quite so toasty.

If you’re prepared to spend a bit more, an alternative is to install a solid conservatory roof. These are much more insulated than basic conservatory roofs and let in considerable less sunshine. This will help you to reduce the temperature in your conservatory and make it much more comfortable.

Problem 2: My conservatory’s too cold in the winter

Another common conservatory problem is that they get chilly in the winter. Lots of homeowners completely shut off their conservatory over winter, which can limit the amount of space they have in their home.

Our solutions

There are several ways to sort out a chilly conservatory. Fitting insulated blinds is a good start – they reduce drafts and help to keep cold air out. They also work throughout the year if your conservatory gets too warm in the summer too.

Another option is to boost your conservatory’s heating. If it doesn’t have any, think about putting underfloor heating or radiators in. If this sounds too tricky or expensive to you, try investing in some portable electric heaters instead. These will probably make your heating bill a little more expensive but will also make your conservatory much more comfortable.

You should also consider getting a solid conservatory roof to solve this problem too. The additional insulation will lower the amount of heat that escapes from your conservatory and help to keep it comfortable for longer.

Problem 3: My conservatory’s too loud in the rain

Rain and hail can also be something that prevents your conservatory from being used throughout the year. The sound of it pounding on your conservatory roof and windows can be really loud and stop you using the room.

Our solutions

There are a couple of good ways to deal with a loud conservatory. Try fitting thick, fabric blinds and decorating with rugs and soft furnishings. These will help to absorb noise and make the room quieter when the weather’s bad.

You could also (yes, you’ve got it) fit a solid conservatory roof to help alleviate the problem. Solid roofs insulate sound as well as temperature, so will lower the amount of noise that rain and hail make when they hit your roof.

These solutions will help you alter your conservatory to improve its value and make it a comfortable space all year round.