Choosing an aluminium conservatory for your home

January 17th, 2012

An aluminium conservatory has excellent durability and resistance to weather. Aluminium will provide your home with watertight protection throughout the year and it’ll need little maintenance to keep it in optimal condition.

While aluminium conservatories may be slightly more expensive than uPVC conservatories, these benefits are well worth the extra cost. An aluminium conservatory won’t have the same weaknesses as hardwood either, as there’s no chance of the material warping, rotting or bowing.

An aluminium conservatory provides great strength, so it can support any type of wood and the thickness can be adjusted during the manufacturing stage.

This extra strength provided by aluminium is a real advantage when the ground is not stable. Because of this strength, aluminium is a popular choice when the conservatory will be attached to a commercial building, especially when public safety is imperative.

The durability factor also stands aluminium conservatories out from the crowd as the metal resists rusting and can’t rot. Unlike uPVC, aluminium won’t crack or crumble after time either.

An aluminium conservatory is also particularly good for large constructions, including when it’ll house a swimming pool for all the above reasons. Not only will aluminium provide excellent structural support, but it’ll be able to take the added moisture from a swimming pool.

Aluminium can also be moulded and sculptured into any style of your pleasing. It means there are no restrictions to the design and you can incorporate any features that suit you. There really are endless possibilities with an aluminium conservatory and it’s a wonder why they’re not more popular.

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