Aluminium Conservatory

Why choose an aluminium conservatory?

If you’re looking for a conservatory with an aesthetically pleasing clean finish, then aluminium could be the material for you.Aluminium Conservatory -

While slightly more expensive than uPVC conservatories, they earn that right with fantastic durability and weather resistance.

Aluminium conservatories are quicker and easier to construct than other materials and provide watertight protection all year round.

Aluminium has the advantage over hardwood too, with less maintenance needed to keep it in tip-top shape. There’ll also be no rotting, warping or bowing with an aluminium construction.

Just like the other conservatory options, aluminium can support any roof and the strength of frames can be adjusted during the manufacture stage.

Aluminium conservatory advantages

Aluminium conservatories are highly valued as a stronger alternative to the other options. As it’s a metal, its strength exceeds uPVC and hardwood.

And after all, conservatories need to have strength and sturdiness, which makes aluminium an ideal material for construction.

There are times when this extra strength is a priority, especially if the ground the conservatory is built on is not stable. It could be soft ground, or it may have a lot of clay heave.

This kind of development would certainly favour aluminium over uPVC and hardwood. You may also need to build an aluminium conservatory if it’s attached to a commercial building where public safety is very important.

Another advantage that an aluminium conservatory has is its durability. Even though it’s exposed to the elements, it resists rusting and doesn’t rot like wood. Also, it won’t crumble or crack as uPVC can.

If you want your conservatory to be a big construction, or perhaps need it to house an indoor swimming pool, then again aluminium is your best bet.

Not only can aluminium provide more structural support for larger conservatories, but it’ll be able to cope with the added moisture from the pool.

Last but certainly not least, aluminium is versatile enough to be moulded into any style that suits you. There are endless opportunities available and it can fit into any house, no matter the design.

Are aluminium conservatories environmentally friendly?

You may be surprised to know that aluminium conservatories are very environmentally friendly as it’s naturally occurring and in no risk of running out.

In fact, aluminium is the third most abundant element in the Earth’s crust – behind oxygen and silicon.

Aluminium can also be recycled without losing its key properties, which makes it a ‘green’ metal with an unlimited lifespan.

When it’s installed it’ll eliminate leaks and needs no maintenance. It’ll also not crack, peel or scratch.

For any other information just speak to your installer who’ll be happy to help with your queries.

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